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Phoenix Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirements

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirements

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Phoenix Chapter 7 bankruptcy blogChapter seven bankruptcy is probably the most frequent kind of bankruptcy filed in the United States. Nevertheless, not everybody is permitted to obtain their debts discharged under Chapter seven of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, so the following are a few simple demands for a situation. To understand whether you qualify for this particular case type, talk with a Chapter seven bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix about your specific circumstance.  Once your Phoenix Bankruptcy is filed, an Automatic stay starts which protects you from all collection efforts.  Contact our Phoenix Legal Team today and learn more about Phoenix Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirement.

Bankruptcy Means Test

The means test was added as a necessity in 2005, plus it calls for you to demonstrate that the household income of yours is below the median for the household dimensions of yours in the state of yours. The Department of Justice (DOJ) reports the median earnings amounts for every state on an annual schedule. If the income of yours isn’t below the median, the attorney of yours might have the ability to subtract specific expenses to reduce your income. When you don’t pass the means test, you won’t have the ability to file for Chapter seven.

Time Since Previous Bankruptcy Filings

In order to avoid bankruptcy abuse, there’s a limit on if you are able to file for Chapter seven in case you’ve a previous discharge. 8 years should pass since your previous Chapter seven filing, or maybe 6 years from the day you filed a Chapter thirteen case.

Filing your bankruptcy is something that should be done by an experienced Arizona Lawyer.  There’s a certain range of documents required to file.  Our debt relief attorney will file your bankruptcy with the court to begin a Chapter seven bankruptcy case for you and your family. You have to file a petition with all the required info and supporting documentation. The attorney of yours is able to help to make sure you’ve all you need before you begin the case of yours to prevent delays.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix bankruptcy attorney blogTalk with a Chapter seven Bankruptcy Lawyer in Phoenix If you’re thinking about debt relief choices, you need to talk to a Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney at My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC. Contact our Phoenix BK lawyers now or even ask for an appointment online for immediate now.  Our bankruptcy attorneys offer debt relief options including:  Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Emergency Bankruptcy Filings, Medical Bankruptcies, Arizona Zero Down Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy by Phone, Phoenix Chapter Bankruptcy, $0 Down Bankruptcy, and Lien Stripping in a Chapter 13.  Contact us about more Phoenix Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requirements.