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Medical Bills in Bankruptcy

Eliminate Your Medical Bills In Bankruptcy

If you are struggling to make ends meet because of unforeseen medical bills, stop the struggle.  Include your medical bills in bankruptcy and eliminate the debt completely.  Call our Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer and learn how you can get your medical bills discharged in a Chapter (Ch.) 7 or Ch. 13 bankruptcy.  End your medical bills pain and get on the road to a fresh start today!

Medical debt may be included and eliminated in Ch. 7 bankruptcy.  Also in bankruptcy, your medical bills may be completely discharged.  Thus, making your medical debt a thing of the past.

Ch. 7 bankruptcy eliminates unsecured debt such as medical expenses, credit card debt, personal loans, and payday loans.  Additionally, Ch. 7 bankruptcy in Phoenix can also take away all of your medical bills in bankruptcy.  Contact our Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers if you need more information or if you have questions about how bankruptcy may wipe out your medical bills.

Facing unexpected or out of control medical bills is a real problem, and your may feel you need help and protection.  Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers can provide both.  Our attorneys can help you understand your rights and explain how Arizona laws provide the medical debt relief that your need.

Medical Debt Relief – Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our team of Arizona Bankruptcy experts can provide medical debt relief and put a stop to wage garnishments, lawsuits, harassing creditor phone calls and letters, and foreclosure proceedings through bankruptcy protection.  Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers can guide you through the entire process, beginning with filing bankruptcy to eliminate or significantly reduce your medical bills.

If you are facing excessive medical debt due to an illness or injury, let Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer give you options to eliminate or reduce the debt.  Sometimes not only do our clients have medical expenses, but they often experience job loss because of their medical condition, and it is difficult to maintain regular expenses as well.  The attorneys at our firm know the Arizona Bankruptcy law and have experience representing clients in Phoenix.  Also, we have solutions and strategies that are appropriate for each specific case.

Medical bills and unsecured debt

Because medical bills are considered unsecured debt (there is no collateral securing the debt), Ch. 7 is a viable option that enables individuals to get rid of this debt.  To find out your eligibility to wipe out unsecured debt, contact Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers.  Our firm offers a no obligation, free consultation to provide you with answers, options, and understanding of the Arizona bankruptcy law.

Not only does Ch. 7 bankruptcy protection help eliminate medical debt, but it is effective in stopping creditors from calling you and harassing you, delaying foreclosures, lawsuits, and repossessions, and stopping wage garnishments.  Therefore, Filing Ch. 7 puts a stop to all other collection efforts.  Ask our Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers if we can help you with a Ch. 7 bankruptcy in order to discharge medical bills including

  • Doctor exam / visit costs
  • hospital costs
  • outpatient expenses
  • hospital costs
  • counseling expenses
  • surgical treatment bills
  • prescription costs
  • counseling expenses
  • occupational or physical therapy expenses
  • other medical debt

Concerned about future medical care if you discharge your medical debt?  The Bankruptcy Code provides protection to make sure that debtors receive medical care that is appropriate for their medical issues.