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The Bankruptcy Process: What You Need to do After You File:  Step 2

Upon filing your bankruptcy petition, you must attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors.  This meeting will take place roughly 30 days after filing.  At this 341 hearing, the Trustee assigned to your case will ask you questions concerning your bankruptcy.  Creditors whom you owe also have the right to attend and ask questions.  Questions that you might have about the 341 hearing can be answered best by an experienced Arizona Bankruptcy Law Attorney.  They can tell you from experience what happens exactly at these hearings and how to prepare for the meeting.

Fotor032795347Between the time you file for bankruptcy protection and this Meeting of Creditors at Bankruptcy Court, (if you have not already), you will need to provide tax returns and 90 days of paycheck stubs (counting back from the date you filed).

At the 341 Meeting of Creditors Court Hearing you will need to provide:

  • Proof of I.D. –driver’s license (a government issued form of I.D. is normally acceptable)
  • Proof of Social Security Number—Your official Social Security Card.  (some Trustees will accept a w-2 or a health card with your social security number on it, confer with your attorney on this matter.)  Most trustees WILL NOT accept documents that only contain the final 4 digits of the social security number.
  • A bank statement for each bank account that was open at the time of the filing of the case.  You will need to provide the Trustee with the statement that you receive between filing and the Court Date.
  • Due to cases that need close examination regarding eligibility, so if your attorney requests additional information, do your best to gather the paperwork as soon as possible in order to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.
  • After the 341 Meeting of Creditors you must provide:
  • Any items requested by the Trustee in your case at the time of the hearing. Your attorney will be able to let you know what these items are.
  • Any item requested by the US Trustee who supervises the activity of the appointed Trustee.
  • Confirmation / Certification that you have Completed the 2nd credit counseling class called the “Financial Management” class.  Provide to your attorney a copy of the certificate as soon as possible after the filing of the case.
  • Any item ordered by the Judge in your case.

It is best to retain an experienced Arizona Bankruptcy Law Attorney who will represent your rights, represent your best interests, and who knows everything about the process.

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