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You may need an experienced debt relief attorney if you are facing extreme debt.  If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona, you may have experienced a job loss, a hit on your finances due to the economy, or possibly an unfortunate, unforeseen life change that has brought you here looking for answers to debt relief.  In any case, My AZ Lawyers has answers, and can help you understand just how you can eliminate debt, stop creditors from calling you, or stop a wage garnishment.  Bankruptcy is just one option when it comes to managing your debt and financial issues.  Living day in, day out with the constant burden and reminder that you can’t make your monthly payments (again) is very stressful.  In other words, don’t let your emotions dictate you decisions.

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My AZ lawyers would like to help you protect your rights and understand how bankruptcy protection can help you achieve your financial goals.  What should you do first?  After you have determined that enough is enough and you want to do something to wipe out your debt, call our Scottsdale Bankruptcy Attorneys and schedule an appointment for a consult.  We also offer convenient locations and flexible scheduling in order to accommodate your busy life.

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Scottsdale Bankruptcy Attorney, Scottsdale Bankruptcy LawyersYou are at step one:  you are reading this information, so you must be considering calling My AZ Lawyers and wanting to take back control over your debt, your life.  By all means, take advantage of the FREE CASE EVALUATION with a Scottsdale Bankruptcy Attorney.  Get the answers you are seeking from one of our bankruptcy experts.  No hassles.  No obligations.  FREE CASE EVALUATION.  Call our Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers in Scottsdale.  

For this reason, let the attorneys at My AZ Lawyers help you through the bankruptcy process and help you build a strong financial future.  Get yourself a “fresh Start”.  Filing for bankruptcy protection can alleviate many of the problems you are facing.

Scottsdale Bankruptcy Attorney

Low Fee Bankruptcy Lawyers in Scottsdale, Arizona

Our Scottsdale bankruptcy attorney and staff help individuals, couples, and families in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley take full advantage of their right to file for bankruptcy protection.  In particular, our bankruptcy team assists them to regain control of their financial future.  Filing for bankruptcy in Scottsdale is not financial failure.  It is your avenue under federal law to make a fresh start.

The decision to file bankruptcy is not one which should be taken lightly.  It requires that you complete complicated forms and sign them under the penalty of perjury.  Our Arizona Bankruptcy Team’s vast experience as a Scottsdale bankruptcy attorney is what you need to make sure that your case is handled accurately and professionally.

Bankruptcy Code

The Bankruptcy Code is a powerful tool that can provide you with a level of debt relief that few other options can match.  Filing the right type of bankruptcy may provide you with one or more of the following advantages:

  • A Scottsdale Bankruptcy can force your mortgage company to give you up to five years to catch up on your mortgage.
  • Declaring bankruptcy in Scottsdale can give you up to five years to resolve past due property taxes.
  • In some cases filing for bankruptcy protection can reduce or eliminate IRS debt.
  • Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishments.
  • Filing s Scottsdale BK can help with bank account levies and liens encumbering your property.
  • In bankruptcy it is possible to reduce or stretch out vehicle payments.
  • Eliminate or reduce credit card debt, charge-offs, repossession deficiencies, medical bills, and other unsecured claims
  • Filing for bankruptcy protection in Scottsdale will end creditor and payday loan harassment.

Contact our Scottsdale bankruptcy attorney and staff for a free consultation.  The consultation will be either in office or by phone, your choice.  Our Arizona bankruptcy team has decades of experience in advising clients on the road to financial recovery.  Don’t allow your financial problems to threaten your business, health, marriage, retirement savings or employment stability.  Don’t delay, contact our Scottsdale bankruptcy attorney right away; timing is often critical and you really need to seek advice sooner than later.  Call us and find out the many options available to you before you have no options.


Scottsdale scenery -2In all areas of Scottsdale (South Scottsdale, Old Town, Central Scottsdale, and North Scottsdale) residents and visitors have access to awesome restaurants, art galleries, shopping malls, cultural activities, and major nightlife and nightclubs.  Although parts of Scottsdale claim the most expensive valued homes in Arizona, residents are not exempt from suffering from debt and needing bankruptcy protection. 

The New York Times described downtown Scottsdale as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach” having “plenty of late night partying and a buzzing hotel scene.”  Commonly defined by its high quality of life, Scottsdale has been named “Most Livable City.”  

Perhaps Scottsdale is a popular city to visit because the city offers so much:

  • Marshall Way Arts District
  • Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary art
  • the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall
  • Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts
  • Scottsdale Historical Museum
  • SMoCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art)
  • Scottsdale Fashion Week
  • corporate retail outlets
  • independent shopping boutiques
  • Scottsdale Fashion Square
Scottsdale scenery-2
The Phoenician resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is bordered by Phoenix to the west, and McDowell Mountains on the east.  It is located in the Sonoran Desert. S cottsdale has a vital downtown area that is home to more than 320 retail shops and 80 art galleries.  Annually rated among the nations most desirable communities in which to live, visit, and do business, Scottsdale’s slogan is “The West’s Most Western Town”.  Scottsdale is Located in Maricopa county, Arizona, and its population is 224,800 (2014).  Some of Scottsdale’s activities, events, and facilities include:

  • Scottsdale Stadium (Home to San Francisco Giants spring training and other events)
  • MCDowell Sonoran Preserve (14,000 scenic acres of Scottsdale featuring trails and facilities)
  • Downtown Scottsdale (businesses, events, theaters, museums, shops, restaurants)
  • Scottsdale Center for the Arts
  • Parks and Recreation (Indian Bend Wash, Specialty parks, Community parks, neighborhood parks)

Scottsdale Bankruptcy Attorney and Scottsdale Bankruptcy Lawyers, here to assist you in debt relief.