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Putting a stop to bill collectors in Arizona | Stop Collections and Creditors harassment

STOP COLLECTIONS IN ARIZONA | Phoenix Bankruptcy LawyersStop collections and creditor harassment in Arizona.  Debt collectors attempting to get payment on a debt can be threatening and sometimes intimidating with the constant phone calls and forceful methods and conversation they use to collect on a bill. In Arizona, there are laws to protect you from such creditor harassment. It is important that you know your rights when it comes to bill collection, because these collectors must comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Contact our Arizona Bankruptcy Law Firm if you are concerned about harassing behavior from a bill collector.  Arizona residents owing debt are not to be treated in an unfair or offensive manner.  We will help you to understand your rights regarding this matter. Basically, the federal government created a law to specifically address debt collection that protects an American citizen from harassing techniques used to collect money that is owed.  In addition to a federal law, Arizona has state laws that also target unfair debt collection practices.

Your Options to stop creditor harassment

One option known as the automatic stay will stop collections and end creditors from contacting you.  Once you file a bankruptcy petition, automatic stay stops any lawsuit that is filed against you.  Creditors, collection agencies, any government agency, or any individual or organization wanting money owed must stop collection activity.  An experienced attorney at My AZ Lawyers can help you better understand the automatic stay and discuss if this is the best option for your situation.  You may want to consider consulting an attorney about the automatic stay if you are in serious financial trouble and you are ready to be evicted, are far behind on child support payments, or if companies are ready to turn off services.


Stop collections and creditors in ArizonaFiling Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop collections, creditor calls, and any pursuit of debt collection immediately. Once you have declared bankruptcy, collectors may no longer continue to bother you to pay. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, for example, with My AZ Lawyers, our team begins to field your creditor calls and lets the bill collectors know that you have filed bankruptcy protection.  According to Arizona law, upon filing of the bankruptcy petition, the creditors must not pursue a person owing debt.

Benefits of the automatic stay: Stop Collections

The automatic stay you receive after filing for bankruptcy protection will immediately stop harassing creditors from contacting you regarding debt owed. Stop collections and harassment from your creditors.  If you are in the following situations, the automatic stay could be beneficial:

Shut-off Notice of Utilities

If you are significantly behind on a utility bill, the company may threaten to turn off important services such as phone, electric, water, or gas.  The utility company may not turn off these services for at least 20 days when an automatic stay kicks in.

House Foreclosure

If the lender that holds your mortgage is beginning to take actions to start a foreclosure, the automatic stay will stop the foreclosure. Once the automatic stay lifts, however, the lender will probably find a way to continue foreclosure proceedings.  If not losing your home is a goal, consult with our attorneys.  We will take you in the right direction regarding a bankruptcy, and which chapter is best for your particular needs.

Eviction Notice

The automatic stay can stall an eviction proceeding. Recent changes in the law, however, state specific legalities.  For example, the automatic stay cannot stop an eviction if the landlord already had a court issue wrongful possession judgement.  To understand the specifics of an eviction and how you can prevent it, contact and consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who is an expert in Arizona bankruptcy law.

Wage Garnishment

All wage garnishments will stop once you file for bankruptcy.  To stop collections, you may want to consider filing bankruptcy; especially, if you have several wage garnishments, as the automatic stay will stop the wage garnishments until it lifts.  A bankruptcy filing would then allow you to keep your entire paycheck.