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Bankruptcy Changes

Many of our Maricopa County and Phoenix bankruptcy clients are under the impression that the new bankruptcy laws have made it significantly more difficult to file a Phoenix bankruptcy.  They also believe that the new laws have dramatically changed the protections provided under the Bankruptcy Code.  This is absolutely untrue.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, in our experiencFotor0325153533e, well over 90% of people who would have qualified under the old bankruptcy laws still qualify today.  Additionally, the primary protections provided under the federal and Arizona State bankruptcy laws remain strong and in full force and effect.  Bankruptcy is still the best way to rid yourself of insurmountable debt, protect yourself from a repossession or garnishment, or to get a fresh start for you, your family, or your business.

There are many claims to the contrary regarding declaring bankruptcy out there.  Your creditors will tell you all kinds of lies.  They will also make you feel like a bad person if you even consider filing bankruptcy.  People that you owe money to are not your friends.  They have no obligations to tell you the truth and will flat out lie to you.  This is because your creditors know if you hire one of our experienced Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers two things will happen.

  • First, your creditors must stop harassing you day and night.  All collection actions from your creditors must stop immediately.
  • Second, the money owed to your creditors will almost certainly be completely discharged, which means that you will never have ANY obligation to ever pay them another dime.  And, there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

Automatic Stay

This protection is known as the automatic stay.  An automatic stay occurs instantly once you file for bankruptcy protection.  In essence, the automatic stay stops your creditors dead in their tracks.  It prevents them from ever taking further action based on debts incurred prior to your bankruptcy filing in Arizona.

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